Twitter Nostalgia

December 1st, 2006. Something important in my life began rather inauspiciously:

My first tweet.

Little did I realize that these tweets would become a log of important events in my life. And now thanks to Twitter’s new search capabilities, I can remember that past. Please indulge me as I sift through these moments and get nostalgic…

It turns out I was the sixth person to mention “iPhone” on Twitter. My colleague Corey beat me by a few hours and the guy who started Twitter was first. There must have been something in the water at the Iconfactory water that day. I wish all my predictions on Twitter were so prescient!

(Thanks to Dan Frommer for doing the legwork on this one.)

Interestingly, the very next tweet in my timeline was the start of the world’s first Twitter client:

These two tweets, separated by only a few hours, are an amazing summary of what was about to happen.

But first, another important event transpired: I started writing publicly. Twitter was clearly an inspiration here: I loved those 140 characters, but found that I needed another venue to expand upon my thoughts:

Note the date on that last tweet: the day before the original iPhone went on sale. My first post stated that I didn’t know where there I was going with the blog. A few days later, I had a pretty good idea:

I had just bought an iPhone.

And remember that “video iPhone nano gaming system”? Here I am being the first person to display a Twitter timeline on it:

Worlds were colliding: Twitter, iPhone, and a place to talk about both.

Twitter was always an outlet for my strange sense of humor. Depending on your point-of-view, April Fool’s in 2008 was either the best or worst day ever:

It’s now commonly known as the CHOCK LOCK, but it took almost five months for someone to christen it:

And amazingly, just six minutes later:

Both Seth and Michael were spurred on by Dan Wood, so I guess we can blame him!

The iPhone SDK was released in February 2008 and a lot of that early hacking I did on the iPhone was finally turning into a real product. It’s likely that this affection with capital letters was triggered by a shitload of coding.

But all that hard work paid off:

I tweeted that just after being handed an Apple Design Award. Those colliding worlds were good to me.

I’m a firm believer of looking forward in your work, but there’s also value in remembering how you got to where you are today.

And speaking of today, guess when the bulk of this post was written?

Some things never change.