Thank you


There’s no denying the physical beauty of the award or the cool prizes that accompany it. But in this “day after” the thing that I’m finding most rewarding is the outpouring of support and congratulations. The six weeks of eating, sleeping, and breathing [REDACTED] preceded by months of digging through class-dump and respondsToSelector output was far from easy: but it’s all worth it.

From everyone here at the Iconfactory, all we can say is thank you. It means so much.

Unfortunately, we’re still under NDA and have been advised by Apple not to share screenshots. We’re all anxious to show off our work, but we need to respect the wishes of our new partner.

If you’re here at WWDC, you can get a look at the UI on the panels on the third floor. There are also some photos from last night’s event that hint at what’s about to come. For those of you wondering about the photo I took before going on stage last night: my big fat finger was over the lens on my iPhone—a great example of why ergonomics in your application is important.