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Listeners found this review helpful

A major feature of the App Store are the user reviews about the software being offered. There’s just one problem: software is not music. I’ve never had an MP3 crash or lack features. Applications also evolve and improve; I’m pretty sure the Jimi Hendrix track I’m listening to right now is the same one he […]


It’s pretty clear that the App Store is a huge hit. We’re all loving the ability to customize our iPhones and iPod touches with cool new software! But with any big new release, there are problems that didn’t pop up while beta testing. As iPhone developers, we’re finding ourselves in a position where we can’t […]

Known issues…

First off, thanks to everyone for the kind words about the new version of Twitterrific. It’s really great to get all this awesome feedback! Don’t forget to post a review on iTunes: we want as many stars as possible :-) As with any first software release, there are a few known issues: After you upload […]

Plug-ins the Cocoa way

For many graphics applications, plug-ins are a way of life. This essay presents a method that minimizes the amount of work required to support different host applications, or even different versions of the same host. I used these techniques in our IconBuilder plug-in for Photoshop. These instructions have already helped one fellow developer; with the […]