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Communal computing

Dear Steve, First, let me congratulate you and everyone at Apple on the release of the iPad. From my dealings with your company, I know it wasn’t easy. Thanks to everyone for busting their asses: a lot of very complex puzzle pieces came together during those last 60 days! I recently had an encounter with […]

Put your content in my pocket

Sometimes it takes awhile to fulfill a promise. One such pledge was made last century to my good friend Jeffrey (he was only a prince at the time.) I said that I’d love to write something for his fledgling mailing list: A List Apart. This past month, I finally got around to writing that piece: […]

Hello world!

That chilly day in hell is finally here. I’ve started a weblog. For those of you wondering who the hell I am, here is a long story of what’s led up to this crowning achievement. (The more technically adept amongst you will realize that the real crowning achievement is bending WordPress and its templating system […]