Put your content in my pocket

Sometimes it takes awhile to fulfill a promise.

One such pledge was made last century to my good friend Jeffrey (he was only a prince at the time.) I said that I’d love to write something for his fledgling mailing list: A List Apart. This past month, I finally got around to writing that piece: Put Your Content in My Pocket.

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, you might be interested in the original article that prompted our collaboration. I’ve also written some articles that explore some of the problems, performance and less than obvious features on the iPhone. For the hard core geeks, there are also some explorations into the specifications.

So enjoy your visit and please make sure to join in the discussion forum at ALA if you have any questions or concerns about my article. Thanks!

Postscript: I mentioned some nonsense in the article: here it is, the Eric Meyer Memorial iPhone Blocker.