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Fear China

I’ve been using the Internet in one form or another since the mid-80′s. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff happening on our global network. On Tuesday, I experienced something extraordinary. It all started with a text message from my partner Ged at 8:30 AM: Mail server down. Please take a look […]

Death by a thousand cuts

Dear Tim, I’m writing today about the latest kerfuffle on the state of Apple’s business. Marco is a brilliant developer and I’m proud to call him a friend. I also know that, like many of us geeks, sometimes his words verge on hyperbole. You’ve always struck me as someone who relies on facts for your […]

A day with WATCH

As every Apple developer knows by now, WATCH is becoming a reality. If you do nothing else right now, watch the video at that link: it’s a great overview of WatchKit that will only take a half hour of your time. David Smith put it best: there’s a lot more here than most of us […]

Behind The App: Flare 2

Here’s what I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into since the day WWDC 2014 ended: Flare 2. We started working on this project well before WWDC. A significant redesign that put content first had been completed. A lot of code had been written and the app was working well. But… WWDC was a cornucopia […]

Device Log Douche

The new Devices window in Xcode 6 has been a constant source of grief for the past few months. Getting device logs was an exercise in frustration which usually resulted in me admitting defeat (and without my logs.) Over the weekend, I found a 2.21 GB answer: I’ve been developing iOS apps since the beginning […]

In-App Browsers Considered Harmful

How many apps on your iPhone or iPad have a built-in browser? Would it surprise you to know that every one of those apps could eavesdrop on your typing? Even when it’s in a secure login screen with a password field? Here is a proof-of-concept (ZIP file) that shows how an app can do this. […]

A documentary

For the past few months, I’ve been helping a couple of talented filmmakers with a new project. I’ve been making introductions, reminding busy people to find some time for an interview, and that kind of thing. Today, the result was made public and it’s better than I ever imagined. I think this project that looks […]


We witnessed something amazing yesterday: a WWDC keynote that will be remembered for a long time. And not for the reason you might expect. As developers, it’s easy to focus on the fantastic software that was announced: a UI refresh that’s getting a thumbs up from designers and developers alike, great new user-facing features in […]


I recently appeared with John Gruber on The Talk Show. During the episode, the following exchange took place: @gruber: “How do you pronounce the ‘at’ symbol?” @chockenberry: “At” @gruber: “Right” Another @thetalkshow gem. — Jim Lipsey (@Jim_Lipsey) March 24, 2014 When it comes to naming characters, the Unicode standard is the bible. And code point U+0040 is named […]

Wearing Apple

Tim Cook has openly stated that Apple is working on “new product” categories. Many people, customers and competitors alike, assume that means some kind of wearable computing device. And of course that means it has to be some kind of “smartwatch”, right? I don’t think so. The Market First, let’s look at the market for […]