Codesign: The Saga Continues

I have a long history of writing about code signing in macOS. When Big Sur was released, I thought “Finally!” I was wrong. This time around I was tripped up by Safari, of all things. It doesn’t open app archives like other parts of macOS. This story began with customer reports of xScope being a […]

Catalina, App Notarization, and Sparkle

We recently started updating our macOS apps for Catalina: so far there have been very few issues with APIs and frameworks. The biggest hurdle has been the new notarization process that’s required for apps signed with a Developer ID: customers will be unable to download and launch your product easily until this step is completed. […]

Code Signing in El Capitan

After releasing a update for xScope with fixes for El Capitan, I launched the app on a fresh install of the OS and was greeted by this dialog: I had tested the build on Yosemite, and it passed without any problems: $ spctl -a -v ~/Downloads/ /Users/craig/Downloads/ accepted source=Developer ID Clearly there is something new […]

Code Signing and Mavericks

The Change Very simply put, you can no longer sign a bundle (like your .app) if any nested bundle in that package is unsigned. These nested bundles are things like helper executables, embedded frameworks, plug-ins and XPC services. The result is that you’ll need to update your Xcode projects as soon as you start building […]

Sharing iPhone projects

The latest version of Xcode has a “feature” that prevents you from specifying a wildcard name for the Code Signing Identity. (This feature does make it easier for new developers or people working alone, so I’m not going to write a Radar for this behavior.) When you have multiple people working on an iPhone project, […]