iPad liberation

I’m too busy right now to write about the iPad in detail, but I do want to make one quick point that I haven’t seen covered in other essays.

An important observation that I’ve made with the iPhone is that it’s perfect for “relaxed” computing. I use it while lying in bed, watching TV, waiting for my wife to try on a new outfit, driving through the middle of the desert, and a myriad of other situations where I’m not working.

There’s an inherent benefit to only doing one thing at a time: the load of worrying about other tasks is lifted. Knowing that there isn’t anything else competing for your attention is quite liberating.

Of course, the iPad is an extension of this.

What I find most interesting is the inclusion of the iWork applications. I suspect that we’ll all benefit from working in Pages, Numbers and Keynote without the distractions of the web, Twitter or chat. And in the long run, we’ll prefer it.