Macworld famous

As much as I hate watching and listening to myself talk, I’m sure some of you will enjoy seeing the interviews I did at Macworld. At least my Mom will.

The first interview on Monday was with Christina Warren at TUAW who has an unhealthy attraction to one of our products. Also notable is the world premiere of the official CHOCK LOCK T-shirt.

Next up was Robin Rhys from Apple iPhone Apps. We talked about some of the history behind our iPhone apps and explored my thoughts about “ringtone apps” in more detail. 

Next up, was a conversation with a true giant in the Mac community, Merlin Mann. We talked about how I got hooked on the iPhone, started developing apps, and how it all fits into our lives. And, of course, drinking.

On the last day of the conference, it was my pleasure to be a part of Macworld PULSE. I truly enjoyed the chance to sit down with Jason Snell and have a long and in-depth chat about this new technology we call the iPhone. In the comfort of a living room with thousands of seats :-)

Finally, could someone please get my friend Cabel some of those growth hormones that Merlin is using?