What can be done?

I had the pleasure of speaking with Brianna Wu earlier this week. During our discussion, we touched on some of the bullshit going on in her life.

I asked a simple question, “How is your husband doing?”

Her reply: “He’s a wreck.”

Now put yourself in his situation: how would you feel if this abuse was happening to your partner?

It’s time to start looking for ways to change our status quo. I know I am.

Wolf Alice

If you’re someone who likes a band that combines rock and pop sensibilities, check out the US radio debut of Wolf Alice on KCRW.

I first saw this band during last year’s iTunes Music Festival and they make music that I find perfect for coding. Definitely a group to keep an eye on…

For hire

We’ve been making award-winning apps since the App Store opened. Now we’re doing it for clients.

My First Cocoa App

I just released the source code to my first Cocoa app.

You have no idea how embarrassing it is to reveal this code, but I hope it goes to show that we all have no fricken’ clue at various points in our lives.