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Communal computing

Dear Steve, First, let me congratulate you and everyone at Apple on the release of the iPad. From my dealings with your company, I know it wasn’t easy. Thanks to everyone for busting their asses: a lot of very complex puzzle pieces came together during those last 60 days! I recently had an encounter with […]

An apology…

Until Gizmodo publicly apologizes to Gray Powell, this is going to be in my /etc/hosts and in all of the DNS servers under my control: The person at fault is the shithead who stole the phone, not some overworked engineer drinking beer. Please […]

Benchmarking in your lap

It’s been a little over 2½ years since I last looked at the performance of Apple’s mobile devices. A lot has changed with the software and hardware since then, let’s take a look at how the new iPad compares to the devices we’re more familiar with. Native performance Test iPad/3.2 iPhone 3GS/3.0 Faster by 100,000 […]