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Splash screens

Twitterrific has a splash screen and I would like to get rid of it. But I can’t. Splash screens hurt the user experience from a purely psychological point-of-view. They don’t change the launch time of your iPhone application at all, but it looks and feels longer. But there’s a problem: you can only specify one […]

Fancy UILabels

People have asked which part of our Twitterrific application for the iPhone was hardest to develop. There were many challenges, but the one I found most onerous was scrolling in the UITableView. The code we shipped in 1.0 was obviously flawed. Scrolling was jerky. We weren’t happy with it and neither were users. There was […]


Thank God—that’s the last time I’m going to type that word for awhile. The meme is dead, long live the SDK. As a way to celebrate the lifting of the NDA, we bring you some very special source code. To wile away the time between our product submission and the launch of the App Store, […]