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Killing our enthusiasm

Dear Steve, I am an iPhone developer. I love Cocoa Touch—it’s an amazing piece of engineering. I’m having great success with the products I’ve written (one of them even won an ADA at this year’s WWDC.) Sales through iTunes are great and well above my expectations. And despite of all this, I’m feeling ambivalent about […]

Lights Off

There was a time when I would have never considered jailbreaking my iPhone. That was a time before I saw Lucas Newman’s and Adam Betts’ groundbreaking application for the iPhone: Lights Off. It’s a simple game. It’s simple code. And it demonstrated what was possible for the rest of us outside of Cupertino. I was […]

Nike – iPod

Having just presented a talk at C4[2] about the human factors involved in developing touch-based applications, I find it rather ironic to see the Nike + iPod integration move into the latest iPod touch. Why? Because I see some serious problems with how our bodies will interact with this device and its software. Note: These […]