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Put your content in my pocket

Sometimes it takes awhile to fulfill a promise. One such pledge was made last century to my good friend Jeffrey (he was only a prince at the time.) I said that I’d love to write something for his fledgling mailing list: A List Apart. This past month, I finally got around to writing that piece: […]

What the iPhone specs don’t tell you…

The iPhone technical specifications mention nothing about how much RAM is included nor how fast the CPU is running. Now that I have a toolchain, it was a simple task to take some code from iPulse to investigate. Note: Apple has obviously not documented the system level APIs that I’m using to extract this information, […]


There are two things that I really want on my iPhone: Twitterrific and Frenzic. Last week I started taking care of the first one and am happy to announce a proof-of-concept. Don’t expect much in terms of usability or elegance. The application only initiates a network connection to Twitter, downloads a timeline feed as XML, […]

Hacking quicker

It’s no secret that I’ve started hacking on my iPhone. And what’s the most frequent thing I use in development? SSH2 to copy new builds onto the phone and view NSLog output from the shell. And is it a pain to enter your password every frickin’ time? And is it slow to connect? Yes and […]

Benchmarking in your pants

Just how fast is the iPhone? Let’s run some benchmarks comparing the iPhone to my iMac running Safari 3 on a 1.83 Ghz Intel Core Duo processor: Test iMac iPhone Slower by 100,000 iterations 0.041 secs. 3.209 secs. 78x 10,000 divisions 0.005 0.413 82x 10,000 sin(x) calls 0.009 0.709 79x 10,000 string allocations 0.010 0.777 […]

Why stop at the Dock?

If the changes to the Leopard Dock are a good idea, shouldn’t Apple go all the way and do the same thing to the Finder? And then applications, too! Hell, I can totally see these windows flying around with Spaces and Exposé and Core OMFG! Forget about October, I’m stoked about 10.6! Let’s hope they […]

Does your app icon suck?

Yeah, I see a lot of icons in my business. I often get asked what makes for a successful desktop icon. And I’ve answered many times—but never in public. This essay also gives me a chance to write about something other than the iPhone :-) Let me begin with this disclaimer: this discussion is directed […]