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Counting Beans with AppViz 3

In my last post about AppViz, I mentioned that I spent about six months creating an internal accounting tool called BeanCounter. Why the hell did I do that? Because I don’t want to run my business on financial guesses based on iTunes Connect sales reports. The Need For Financial Accuracy For many app developers and […]

A Quick Look plug-in for Provisioning

As every iOS developer knows, when your provisioning gets messed up, your life becomes a living hell. I don’t even want to think about how many millions of man hours have been wasted getting broken projects working again. The root of the problem is always the .mobileprovision files that are kept in your Library > […]

App Updates for iOS 7

Like many of my fellow developers, I am in the middle of an update of an app for iOS 7. As you’d expect, it’s a lot more work than previous versions of iOS. But results are stunning: both David Lanham and I have commented that our shipping version was “feeling old and clunky.” While cranking […]


The recent release of xScope 3.0 is our first product to use the new application sandbox that will soon become a requirement for submission to the Mac App Store. I’d like to share some experiences and advice on how to use it in your own products. First off, Ivan Krstić and the rest of the […]


The bank we use for our business account recently mandated the use of a product called Trusteer Rapport while accessing our information online. Although Mac OS X doesn’t have any problems with “increasingly sophisticated malware in the online environment”, I do need to periodically check our accounts and transactions so I proceeded with the installation. […]

iPhone multitasking

It’s no secret that “multitasking” is one of the great new features of iOS 4. Unfortunately, many people have a misconception about what Apple has implemented. Hopefully this short essay will help you understand the restrictions and the good reasons for having these limits. On your desktop, multitasking means that any application or process can […]

Don’t design for early adopters

If you’re like me, the iPad has changed how you look at computers in just a matter of weeks. The possibilities for this device seem endless. It’s natural at this point to start thinking about the future, and to do that thinking in terms of the past. As an example, we’ve been getting plenty of feature […]

Waving a red flag

As a result of my last essay, it has come to my attention that there is a simple and effective way to get Apple’s attention for critical bug fixes. An email to that explains the critical problem and which product is affected will help speed your update through the system. Use this email address […]


If you’re reading my essays, it’s likely that you’re selling some kind of software on the Internet. (Or soon will be.) To be successful at this endeavor, you need to monitor your sales and plan development around the revenue. Ask anyone who’s had success with a software product, and I can guarantee you that they […]

Sharing iPhone projects

The latest version of Xcode has a “feature” that prevents you from specifying a wildcard name for the Code Signing Identity. (This feature does make it easier for new developers or people working alone, so I’m not going to write a Radar for this behavior.) When you have multiple people working on an iPhone project, […]