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To date, the Iconfactory’s contributions to open source have been fairly small. That just changed: in a big way. I’ll be honest here—we’re a bit nervous about this release. We’re not used to revealing our work before we’re completely happy with the results. We’ve spent over nine months getting this far, but there’s so much […]

Great writing, terrible reading

Apple has recently released Xcode 4—a major part of this release is an overhaul of the user interface. Change in your development environment is always a bit disruptive, but overall I think the move towards a single-window environment that adapts to different working modes is a good thing. But this post is not to debate […]

Twitterrific firsts

Why are third parties important in the Twitter ecosystem? Let Twitterrific count the ways: First use of “tweet” to describe an update (see page 86 of Dom Sagolla’s book.) First use of a bird icon. First native client on Macintosh. First character counter as you type. First to support replies and conversations (in collaboration with […]

Mac App Store guide

It’s no secret that the Mac App Store is a terrific new distribution channel for developers. Apple also provides plenty of documentation on how to prepare your app for submission. Unfortunately, there’s not much information on how to create a product that can also be distributed through more traditional channels, such as your own product […]